Barrel Racing

Barrel racing is just that - a race against time in a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels set up in the arena. A rider can choose to begin the cloverleaf pattern to the right or left. The time begins when the horse and rider cross the predetermined start line and stops when they come back across the same line. Each run is timed to the hundredths of a second, making every fraction of a second count. (Starting in 2012, Canadian rodeos now time to the thousandth of a second.) Each tipped-over barrel adds a five-second penalty to the time. Although barrel racing is one of seven events common to many PRCA-sanctioned rodeos, it is administered by a separate organization, the Women's Professional Rodeo Association, which produces its own online meds guide. Bull riding Bull riding is rodeo's most dangerous event. In the chute, the bull rider settles on the bull's back, wraps his braided rope around the bull's girth, then loops the rope around his hand and back into his palm so he can grip it tightly. When he nods, the gate is opened and the bull lunges out of the chute. Spurring is optional - the primary goal for the cowboy is to stay on for eight seconds without touching himself, his equipment or the bull with his free hand. The cowboy will be scored highly for staying in the middle of the bull, in full control of the ride. If the ride lasts the required eight seconds, it is scored by two judges who assess difficulty (the bull's spinning, jumping and kicking, lunging, rearing and dropping, and side-to-side motion) as well as the cowboy's degree of control. Each judge awards up to 25 points for the cowboy's performance and up to 25 points for the animal's performance, for a potential of 100 points.

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