Team roping

Team ropers work as partners: one header and one heeler who move in precise coordination. They and ther horses start in the "box When the header nods, the chute gate opens and the steer gets a head start. The header throws the first loop, which must catch the steers head or horns, protected by a horn wrap, Then the header dallies - wraps his rope around his saddle horn - and moves his horse to pull the rope taut, changing the direction of the steer. That gives the heeler the opportunity to catch both of the steer's hind legs with his own rope; most heelers try to time their throws to catch the legs when they are in the air. After the catch, the heeler also dallies, to stop the steer. When the ropes are tauthand both horses face the steer, the time is recorded. Times vary widely depending on the sive of the arena.

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Badiola Arena - SRC Sports hosts many exciting events in Homedale, ID, including team roping competitions. We invite you to grab your partner and sign up for this dual-person challenge. It doesn't matter if you're the header or heeler, you can test your skills and work toward taking home the cash prize.

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Do you want to compete in our team roping event in Homedale, ID? Here's how you can get your spot:

  • You must register through the official organizing committee
  • You'll provide information about both the header and heeler
  • You may need to pay an entry fee to help build the prize money
We'll handle the rest of the process, making sure everything is done fairly and safely. Connect with us right away to sign up for our team roping competition.